Theatre play “Plastika”

By 5th May 2019Archive

Saturday 18 May 2019, 8pm
Theatre play ‘Plastika’ (language Serbian)
Organised by: Nase pozoriste u Londonu
Watermans Art Centre 40 High Street, Brentford, London TW8 0DS

Actresses of the National Theater, Suzana Petricvevic and Nela Mihailovic, in the play “Plastika”, Stevan Koprivica! The rich widow of Milina (Suzana Petricevic) and sensitive journalist Katarina (Nela Mihailovic), both in middle age, decide to get another chance in life. They meet in a gym in which they try to correct their body, but also the soul. Looking for plastic surgeries, they recapitulate their past. A series of wrong decisions and bitter moments, heroines of the show spiced up with a lot of humour, which apparently painted a darker colour in brighter colours. Without agreeing to compromises, they are once again trying to resist stereotypes, not allowing life just to pass by them …
Tickets £28 available HERE