Serbian Society’s Book Club

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If you enjoy reading and discussion, discovering new titles and authors from our motherland,
meeting new people and making new friends, all in a relaxed atmosphere, then you’re invited to join
our weekly virtual get-together, “The Serbian Society’s Book Club”, that you can dial into from home
every Wednesday evening.

Whether there are 100s of books you want to read, but never find the time or, even worse, you read
an amazing book and have no one to discuss it with, well, this is the place for you.

We’ll pick and choose the books we want to read together then set ourselves a weekly chapter
target and come back to chat about them. Nada, the organiser of the Book club, will help to initiate
and guide the discussions about what we’ve read that week, and there will be opportunities for
different people from the group to volunteer to host sessions as well if they want to.

Each new book choice is an open selection where group members will nominate books they think
would make for interesting, enlightening, emotional or scary reads and the highest-voted will be the
next one for us to read. There is only one rule: the author must be of Serbian origin.

You honestly don’t need to be a literature buff to join in, the more varied the group the better. So as
long as you enjoy reading or have an ambition to read more regularly, than we’d love you to join.

This is a 60-minute online event and you’ll be able to stay on longer afterwards to chat to others if
you want to. When the Covid rules allow, we will mix the virtual get-togethers with the live ones.

Our first virtual meetup is scheduled for 19th May 2021 at 7.30 pm, therefore please RSVP (to
[email protected] or to mob no: 07738056665 (Nada)) before that day if you are
planning to join in. The first meetup is to get us going and to know each other, and then we will
have a break for a week or two, to allow time for everybody to get a copy of the book. After that,
From June afterwards, we will have regular weekly meetups.

This event is free, and all members and friends of the Serbian Society are welcome.

Serbian Society Online Social Еvent: ‘Who am I?’

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Date: Thursday, 27 May 2021
Time: 7 pm
Duration: 2 hours cca
Free event

Join us for a virtual gathering from the comfort of your sofa. A great way to come together, have a
laugh, unwind and while away an evening.

Everyone is welcome to join (both members and friends of the Society), and don’t worry if you’ve
never played online games before. We will explain the rules at the beginning of the event, and of
course, you are free to post anytime any additional questions if you have them.

About the game: Who am I?

Choose a famous Serbian character, living or dead. Think of 3 facts about them to give to the
audience. You can dress up (totally or symbolically, your preference) to present your character

Audience then has up to 10 questions to ask you about your character which you can only give a YES
or NO answer to.

If at the end of the 10 questions nobody has guessed, you have won a point.

The winners of the first round will enter the second round where they will have to answer the
questions again, and so on, until we have the winner. It would great if you could prepare two
characters, in order to have a new character for a new round of game in case the first game ends
very quickly.

Little tip (just in case if anything is unclear): the most chances of winning will have the most obscure
famous character!

The ultimate winner (or winners in case we play the game twice) will get a prize: a bottle of Serbian

In case of the larger audience (read: more than 10 attendants) the participants will be split into

This event is going to be held in Serbian.

Please send your RSVP to [email protected] no later than 2pm on the day of the event.
Zoom link will be sent to all participants at no later than 3 pm on the day of the event.

Your Committee Members

Parsons Green Fair

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Join us this saturday and help us to promote the Serbian community…

The fair is very popular. More information with some photos
Volunteers are highly desirable even if it is for an hour or two. It would be great if anyone can bake a cake, gibanica, etc so it can be sold on the day. Feel free to get in touch if you require more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Dr Marcus Papadopoulos

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Saturday 29th June 2019, 11.30 -1pm

Serbia and the West: friends or foes – Dr Marcus Papadopoulos
Tickets £ 8 and £10: register to buy your ticket at…

For further information please check Read More

Eastern European Festival

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Serbian Society will represent Serbian community at this year’s Eastern European Fair. We will have a table with some promotional material as well as a musical act. You are cordially invited to join us and to show everyone we exist too.
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