About us

Serbian society is a charity, non-political and non-party organization that promotes Serbian culture, language and customs in the UK in order to achieve greater understanding among persons of Serbian and other nationalities, as well as the collection of humanitarian aid for medical institutions, schools and homes in the Fatherland of Serbia and Montenegro, the Republic of Srpska, and beyond, where Serbs need help and how much we allow them to do so.

Since the founding of 1995, we have organized numerous events: concerts of serious, traditional and entertaining music, guest performances of Serbian drama artists from the Fatherland, promotion of books, discussions on current social topics as well as lectures with contents relevant for successfully integrating Serbs into their new surroundings, screenings of films, exhibitions of art objects, barbecues, parties and sports competitions. We also have an English language school for Serbs and a Serbian language school for foreigners. Through these activities, we are trying to maintain the spirit of the community and the ethnic identity of Serbs in a multinational environment such as the British. We provide funds for work through membership and donations and organizing cultural events. The annual membership fee is £25 for individuals, and £40 for couples. Members receive discount and / or priority when purchasing tickets for various events organized by the SrS Society and receive a printed SD Informator / Newsletter on events significant for Serbs in the UK. We also provide the service of monthly notification of cultural events via e-mail (e-mail) or fax, which can be interesting especially for those who live outside of London in order to connect, maintain contact and be informed about what is happening on the Serbian scene in various parts of England.

If you want to be on our mailing list, fill in only the section with the name, city and e-mail address in our form and you can immediately join the Serbian company – it is enough to send us the printed and filled out form to our address.

Please forward our email address to your friends and acquaintances in order to contact us and so yourself have been included on the mailing list.